working from home with our pets

The home printer and printer consumable market transformed in the wake of Covid-19.

It wasn’t that long ago, that allowing office workers to work from home was something that only ‘outside the box’ and forward-thinking corporates and Kiwi businesses could fathom. But the first lockdown in 2020 changed all that. It transformed the way that businesses thought about productivity outside of the office.

How Did We Do It? 

Kiwis came up with some very creative home office spaces and solutions. We went online to stock up on the items we needed. Sales for printer cartridges, inkjets and drum units went up as home printing went up too. We worked around the commitments of family, pets and housework. We showed our managers, that most of us could work at home quite successfully, even if it were stressful at times.

Consequently, when our first lockdown ended, everyone did not rush back to the office as first thought. Some could work from home on a permanent basis and some on a part-time basis. Some workers returned to New Zealand permanently, but also kept their offshore jobs in an agreement to simply work remotely.

What Does It Mean for Items Online? 

What does this change in workplace behaviours mean for us in the office supply business? It means we stay well stocked for you. We are thoughtful about what we stock and feature popular products. We deliver throughout New Zealand and try to keep our pricing competitive. We achieve this by reducing costs where we can and by retailing reliable compatible printer consumables.