Labelling for the 'Home Edit' look


Been following the Home Edit lately? If you've not seen the series on Netflix or read one of their popular books, it’s worth taking a moment or two to check them out. We cannot get enough of their organisation strategies, colour coordination, design flair and clear labelling. Pretty cool right? 



We have been so inspired by their vision, that we recently decided to do some home editing ourselves. It began with a pantry clear out. We cleaned, sorted, grouped and put every relevant item into containers and jars. We took a trip to Kmart and The Warehouse for a few much needed additional containers to complete ‘the look’. We also purchased a Brother Label Machine so that we could label it all up using our own custom labels and designs. We ended up being pretty happy with the end result. The kitchen was sensibly organised and looked great. Plus, we finally knew where everything in our Kitchen was. Our thirst for an edited home then spread to the laundry. It’s catchy like that.  

Now we’ve started retailing compatible label tapes cassettes so that you too can get the 'Home Edit' look here in little old New Zealand. These label tape cassettes are compatible with a range of popular Dymo and Brother Labelling Machines. They are just as good as their branded equivalents, but cost less*, which will hopefully leave you with some coin left over to purchase the containers and jars needed to make your home even more like your professionally managed castle. In a 'STATE OF ORGANISED BLISS' if you will.

If a home edit, is on the cards this winer, the best label tape cassettes for the job are our black on clear tapes or our black one white tapes. Let us know how you get on and don't forget to check out the Home Edit for a bit of American inspiration. 

*We cannot guarantee that our prices will be less than our competitors since we don't have oversight or control of their supply and price setting.