Remaufactured ECOSAVE Colour Inkjet *2 PACK*: Substitute HP 63XL

Sale price$65.99 NZD


There is nothing worse than realizing you have run out of printer ink, so we’ve made it easy to stay well supplied with our Remanufactured 63 Colour XL inkjets. Items Online Inkjets are manufactured to our high standards, are reliable and produce high-quality prints.

The Remaufactured ECOSAVE Colour Inkjets are also manufactured using ECOSAVE technology. This means that each cartridge works with a uniquely designed Print Head that can be removed and reused on the replacement cartridge. This can assist in saving your printing costs and also makes these cartridges better for the environment than some alternatives.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Ready to install Inkjet
  • 1 x Replacement Inkjet
  • 1 x Re-Usable Print Head

These inkjets are an alternative to HP's 63 High Capacity Colour Inkjet cartridges.

These inkjets are compatible with these HP Inkjet Printers;

  • Deskjet 1110
  • Deskjet 1112
  • Deskjet 2130
  • Deskjet 2131
  • Deskjet 2132
  • Deskjet 3630
  • Deskjet 3632
  • OfficeJet 3830
  • OfficeJet 4650
  • OfficeJet 5220
  • OfficeJet 5230
  • Envy 4520
  • Envy 4522
  • Envy 4523
  • Envy 4524

COLOUR - 16.6ML x 2

INSTALLATION: Please refer to the simple installation instructions provided in the cartridge box. In addition, this video can be used for installation reference purposes. Please note though, unlike in this video, this Remanufactured ECOSAVE Colour Inkjet 2 PACK, includes 2 x 63XL Inkjets rather than 3. 


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