Lemonkid Dinosaur Wide Brim Sun Hat for Toddlers – Extra Coverage

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About the Lemonkid Dinosaur Wide Brim Sun Hat for Toddlers

Introducing the Lemonkid Dinosaur Wide Brim Sun Hat for Toddlers - the ultimate sun protection accessory with an adorable dinosaur design. With a UPF 50+ rating, this hat ensures optimal sun safety for your little ones while offering a range of practical features. Designed with growing toddlers in mind, the crown of the hat is elasticated and adjustable, allowing it to adapt as your child grows.

The wide brim and extended coverage at the back of the neck provide excellent sun protection during outdoor activities like sand play or gardening, especially when children need to look down for extended periods. When not needed, the back of the brim can be effortlessly rolled up and clipped out of the way. Windy days are no match for this hat, thanks to its adjustable and removable chin strap, which keeps it securely in place. The two vented breathing panels on each side of the hat ensure breathability and help keep your child cool on hot summer days.

Made from 100% nylon quick-drying fabric, this hat is water repellent, making it perfect for beach or pool trips. Its non-wrinkle material allows for easy storage by simply rolling it up when not in use. Not only does this sun hat provide exceptional functionality, but it also adds a touch of excitement for your little explorers. The whistle at the base of the chin strap adds an element of fun to their adventures.

The Lemonkid Dinosaur Wide Brim Sun Hat for Toddlers is available in one size. Left unadjusted, it comfortably fits 4-5-year-olds. However, it can be easily tightened or adjusted to accommodate much younger children and toddlers.

Experience the perfect blend of sun protection, comfort, and style with our Lemonkid Dinosaur Wide Brim Sun Hat for Toddlers. Get yours today and let your child enjoy outdoor activities with confidence and a splash of dinosaur fun.


  • Material: 100% nylon quick-drying fabric, comfortable and soft
  • One size fits 3-5-year-olds, adjustable for younger children and toddlers

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