Compatible Yellow Toner Cartridge: Substitute to Fuji Xerox CT202267 CM225FW

Sale price$40.25 NZD


Fuji Xerox Colour Laser printers require black, cyan, magenta and yellow toner cartridges in order to print bright and vibrant colour. There is nothing worse than realising you have run out of printer toner, so we’ve made it easy to stay well supplied with our Yellow Toner Cartridge.

This toner cartridge is an alternative to Fuji Xerox's CT202267 toner cartridge.

This toner cartridge is compatible with these Fuji Xerox Colour Laser Printers;

  • DocuPrint CM115W
  • DocuPrint CP115W
  • DocuPrint CP116W
  • DocuPrint CM225FW
  • DocuPrint CP225W

Items Online toner cartridges are manufactured to our high standards, are reliable and produce high-quality prints.

Yield: Up to 1,400 pages

Colour: Yellow

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