50 Disposable Medical Face Masks TYPE IIR

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Keep safe and protected from infection or bodily fluids with this box of 50 safety accredited Medical Disposable Face Masks (TYPE IIR). 

These Medical Disposable Face Masks cover the mouth and nose. They have been designed to limit the transmission of infective agents exhaled by the wearer to the environment and to provide protection against the penetration of bodily fluids through the face mask. The face masks have been tested and approved as meeting the European Standard accreditation EN 14683:2019. This accreditation is also recognised and accepted as meeting New Zealand's own safety standards.

Each face mask consists of a facepiece, two earloops and a nose clip. The inner side of the facepiece is white and the outer side is light blue. The facepiece is composed of a filter layer made of PP that is moulded between two layers of non-woven fabric. This three-ply material is made up of a melt-blown material PP placed between the non-woven fabric. The PP material acts as the filter and stops microbes from entering or exiting the mask. The facepiece has 3 pleats to allow the user to expand the face mask so that it can cover the area from the nose to the chin.

Each face mask is intended as a single-use device. For safe usage, the uninterrupted use duration of the face mask is recommended to be 8 hours or less.

Additional Specifications

  • 3 Ply Material
  • EN 14683 accordance accredited
  • CE
  • Filtration Efficiency ≥ 98%
  • Type IIR (splash resistant)
  • Colour: Inner – White / Outer - Light Blue
  • Earloop / Nose Clip

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